WEST MARLBOROUGH—In West Marlborough and Franklin townships, voters overwhelmingly approved a referendum that would allow the sale of booze. The question: Do you favor the granting of liquor licenses for the sale of liquor in the Township of West Marlborough of Chester County?

In West Marlborough, there were 91 voters who voted yes, or 67 percent, and 43 voters who voted no, or 32 percent.

Franklin Township approved the measure, 78 percent to 21 percent. There were 659 voters who voted yes, while 183 voted no.

Spearheading the effort in West Marlborough were the folks at the Thomforde family's Stone Barn on Upland Road, which has been operating for 51 years. The Foxfire Restaurant there is now a BYOB, and alcohol is served at the Stone Barn's banquets and receptions.

The referendum reverses West Marlborough's decades-long "dry" status. Because of the wording of the statute, the sale of wine and spirits is forbidden in the township, although beer and cider can be sold (as they are at the Whip Tavern in Springdell).

According to the most recent census, there are 812 people who live in West Marlborough Township.

Chester County still has 23 "dry" towns. Statewide, there are 684 dry or partially dry townships, boroughs and cities according to the liquor control board. Most are concentrated in the north central, south central and northwest regions of Pennsylvania.

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