I hear there was some sort of "draft" this past weekend where NFL teams pick guys from college. Seems like it would be a pretty big deal. I can't understand why it gets absolutely no media coverage.

Anyway, our local team, the Philadelphia Eagles, selected a guy by the name of Brodrick Bunkley with the 14th pick of the draft. Bunkley is a 306-pound defensive tackle from Florida State-the school with the dubious honor of popularizing the increasingly annoying "Tomahawk Chop" and accompanying chant also employed by Atlanta Braves fans.

According to his profile on, Bunkley really had just one good season as a Seminole, this past season as a senior where he had 66 tackles and nine sacks. This was also the only year he played a full season.

He injured his right ACL in high school, his right MCL as a freshman, was forced to take some time off when he was arrested for shoplifting a video game from Wal-Mart as a sophomore, and missed two games with an ankle injury as a junior, and registered just 12 tackles and one sack.

Of course, since Eagles fans greeted his selection with a chorus of boos, he'll probably be pretty good.


Just wondering how my favorite team since childhood, the Cincinnati Reds, are sitting pretty with the best record in the National League as we move into May. Yes, the team can hit, but the team ERA is still well over 5.00.

Maybe it has something to do with Bronson Arroyo not yet realizing that he is in fact, Bronson Arroyo. Arroyo came into the season with a career record of 33-33, and an ERA of 4.41. Yet so far with the Reds, he's 5-0/ 2.06, and has hit as many homers (2), as the guy for whom he was traded, Wily Mo Pena.

Apparently, Greg Maddux thinks it's 1992 again. Following a season that saw his mind-blowing streak of 17 consecutive years with 15 or more wins come to an end, the Cubs pitcher took his offseason workouts seriously, with tremendous results.

Maddux, who turned 40 in early April, is 5-0, and leads the league in ERA at 1.33.

Wonder if that has anything to do with Roger Clemens hinting that he wants to come back with either the Red Sox or the "I hate the Yankees." The two are clearly the best two pitchers of their generation, and maybe Clemens doesn't want to let Maddux make people forget about him.

Girls Night Out

The Octorara Softball Boosters, in conjunction with the Octorara Little League, will be having a "Girls Night Out" on May 9, a night game against Lancaster Mennonite. . The games will be held at Gap Park.

All Little League girls should wear their uniform shirt and be at the fields around 6:30 p.m.

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