It's been a fun four years.

I'd like to congratulate Garth Ladley and Mike Letts on their outstanding wrestling careers. It's been a pleasure to get to know you both, whether it was banging heads with you in the room, or for all the great "Ladley and Letts" stories I've gotten to write over the years.

I feel pretty lucky that I've had the privilege of covering two of the best in my chosen sport.

Good luck to both of you in whatever you do.

Letts to wrestle at the Dapper Dan Classic

Mike Letts, on the heels of his second state title and the Outstanding Wrestler award, has accepted an invitation to represent the state of Pennsylvania at the Dapper Dan Wrestling Classic at the University of Pittsburgh on Sunday, March 26.

The annual event pits a team of senior class All-Stars against an All-Star team from the rest of the United States.

Letts, who will wrestle at 171 against David Craig from Brandon, FL, is one of four District 1 wrestlers selected for the Pa. team, joining Council Rock South's Mike Rappo (130), Upper Perk's Brent Fiorito (160) and Quakertown's Pat Flynn (189).

Craig, committed to Lehigh University next year, is a four-time Florida state champ with a career record of 182-0, and is currently ranked by Amateur Wrestling News as the number one 171-pound wrestler in the country (Letts is No. 3).


According to a book that comes out, San Francisco Giants' slugger Barry Bonds, in a fit of jealous rage at the attention heaped on Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa in 1998, decided he'd load up on some serious enhancements. The book's authors alledge that Bonds took just about everything he could, including female hormones and a steroid meant for cows, all in an effort to ensure that his head would grow and expand to a size that might possibly be able to contain his sizable ego.

Bonds isn't responding to the book, and it must be noted, he has never failed an MLB test for steroids, but, as the Jose Canseco book made people question Mark McGwire's accomplishments, many are looking at this book as evidence to confirm their suspicions they've always held about an athlete nearly universally despised.

But neither Bonds nor McGwire has been convicted of anything, nor outright admitted use. As such, their Hall of Fame worthiness, unless steroid use is confirmed, should only be based on their baseball careers.

That Bonds is a surly, obnoxious weasel shouldn't be grounds for anything but the Human Hall of Shame, not the Baseball Hall of Fame. Of course, we could find out soon he did it, then, by all means keep him out and laugh about it.

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