It's starting to look like Babe Ruth, that paragon of virtue, will be safe from seeing his home run total passed by the scourge that is Barry Bonds.

Bonds, amid speculation that he may be indicted on perjury charges stemming from his grand jury testimony during the BALCO hearings, has yet to go yard even once, and is hitting just .192. Worse yet, Bonds has complained of elbow pain, and has hinted that he might call it quits if the ailment requires surgery.

One thing that bugs me with all of the Barry-haters is the assertion that even though steroid use wasn't illegal in baseball at the time Bonds is alleged to have used them, Bonds was still breaking the United States law itself, which alone should bar him from the Hall of Fame.

Well, Ruth was well known for his consumption of alcoholic beverages throughout his career, a career that peaked during the 1920s. Why is it that the Babe seems to get a pass on breaking the laws of the land? As you might recall, there was a little thing called Prohibition that ran until 1933.

Still More Alumni Updates

The Octorara girls at Seton Hill University continue to be among the conference leaders in hitting in the NAIA American Mideast Conference (AMC). According to statistics on the NAIA web site, three former Braves are in the top five in the conference (minimum 75 percent of games played) in batting average, and a fourth is in the top 15.

Meredith Benson is currently number two in the conference in batting average, hitting at a .489 clip in 27 games. Benson's 43 hits also ranked second, and she is second in the conference in RBI with 25.

The Patton twins are ranked 4th and 5th in batting average, with Heather at .398 and Brittany at .395. Heather is second in the conference with 27 runs scored.

Brittany Patton is tied for sixth in pitching wins with seven, and ranks fifth in strikeouts with 65 for an average of 6.65 strikeouts-per-nine-innings.

Holly Thomas is hitting .344 to place her at number 13 in the conference. Her seven doubles are fifth best in the AMC.

Melanie Benson is hitting .278, but is third in the conference in RBI with 20, and has hit a game winning grand slam home run.

As a team, Seton Hill is hitting .317, ranking them third in the conference. The Griffins are currently third in the AMC North, with an overall record of 14-15.

Beef-&-Beer slated

The Puternic Freestyle Wrestling club has scheduled a Beef-N-Beer fundraiser. The tickets are $25 each and the event is Saturday, May 6, at the Parkesburg, VFW, 406 4th Ave, Parkesbug from 6 to 10 p.m. All the money raised goes to support the wrestlers going to the 2006 Ironman World Wrestling Championships. Donations for door prizes are still being accepted.

Contact Todd Miller at 717-442-8285, or Bill Rudick at 717-786-6095 if you need tickets or have items for the raffles.

Feel free to contact Bill Rudick at 717-786-6095 or to report any sports news or to comment on anything regarding sports in the Post Ledger.

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