A makeover may be in the works for the Sixers. It was reported during Sunday's Sixers-Timberwolves game that General Manager Billy King is "working on some things to improve the roster."

The report stated that King had spoken to Allen Iverson on Friday and informed the franchise player that changes could be on the way. Personally, I hope King can find some deal, any deal that will deliver a player that can help the team. While they have played much better defensively the last two games, wins over Minnesota and Memphis, and limited the T'Wolves and Grizzlies to less than 90 points each, they need help.

What do they need? It is evident that a big point guard would go miles in helping the team. By acquiring a player that can run the point and is bigger than Iverson, coach Maurice Cheeks can move Iverson back to the shooting guard position.

Iverson was extremely successful, as was the team, when Eric Snow was running the offense and Iverson was running freely away from the ball. This also gave other players an opportunity to get more involved in the offensive sets. While the offense wasn't as potent as it is now, the overall play of the team was much, much better.

Yes, Andre Iguodala is a big guard or small forward, but he is more of a swingman and isn't the right fit for the point position. John Salmons isn't the answer either. While he is a solid player, he doesn't have the defensive wherewithal to be a solid starting point guard.

What would the lineup look like if King was able to acquire a big one guard? Kyle Korver would remain on the bench as the sixth-man, Salmons would also come off the bench. Iverson starts at the two, and Igoudala moves to the small forward spot, with Chris Webber and Samuel Dalembert rounding out the starting five.

Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing the team move Dalembert to get someone quality in return. Yes, he has loads of potential, but he makes too many mental errors throughout the course of a game that it almost cancels out the good he does. An example, in Sunday's game he was called for offensive basket interference on a potential game-winning shot by Webber. Luckily the team pulled out the win on a buzzer-beater by Iguodala, but that doesn't take away from the major blunder on Dalembert's part. His decisions are not very good ones. I have never seen a player throw away so many outlet passes to the opposition as I have seen him commit in the last week.

Against Memphis, he threw the ball across the lane with no Sixer player anywhere in the vicinity. He made another horrible outlet to no one in Sunday's game.

Unless he starts to use his brain more while playing, I don't see his potential playing out. Clearly, the Sixers need a big guard and help in the frontcourt. If King can make that happen before the Feb. 23 trade deadline, then the team will be much better off.

If not, we are looking at another first round playoff exit in disappointing fashion.

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