The Way I See It, league standings are a real challenge and apparently not only to the media, but the Athletic Directors who chair a sports program, as well. We were encouraged to supply league standings during this school year. In an attempt to secure league standings for the seven or more sports occurring during the fall season with the winner and spring programs to follow, we set forth to accomplish this request. In my particular case I have only the Lancaster-Lebanon League to address. I contacted Dan Baughman, Solanco's AD and requested the names and e-mails of the seven fall sport chairs in the L-L League. Within an hour Dan had his administrative assistant, Rhonda Beane e-mail the names, the sport chaired and their e-mail address. I immediately sent an e-mail to the appropriate AD requesting the league standings by Tuesday evening of each week. John Kosydar (Warwick) returned a reply immediately, as did Mike Miller of Lebanon Catholic. I received an automated message return from one AD that is on sabbatical, the other four chose not to reply. That, in itself, is disappointing, but both Kosydar and Miller expressed the same frustration. They don't receive the scores either and rely on the daily papers to maintain the league standings. What's with that?

I can understand the reluctance of some coaches posting results particularly if their team is struggling, but shouldn't this be a requirement? Perhaps it's only the media that's interested in how a team is performing, but I suspect not.

As a practice we weekly publications are discouraged from copying box scores and standings from another publication. Why, because they're not always accurate. Now we know why. With football, golf and cross country tracking wins and losses is rather simple. Those programs are limited to one weekly tournament, meet and game. For field hockey, soccer, volleyball and tennis, it's a bit more challenging. Perhaps I'm making it all to simplistic, but making one phone call or sending one e-mail to the sports chair after each contest to aid that AD in tracking the standings seems like a reasonable request. Having each AD mandate that practice to their respective coaches would be a step in the right direction. Meanwhile we'll do our best to publish the league standings as we receive them. I know of at least three AD's who will assist with this request.

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