Lurking just around the corner is the start of another football season. On football fields across the country, professional, college, high school and peewee football teams are preparing for the upcoming season. While most of our youth are lying back and relaxing, football teams have started their conditioning programs and these gridiron hopefuls are hard at work hoping it will pay off with a successful season. The Oxford High School football team is no exception.

Oxford has already been lifting weights for some time and now they are working on a speed camp program that new coach Mahon has installed. An emphasis on keeping up with the current training programs has been a priority for Coach Baumgartner and his staff. The desire to win will only get you so far. Proper training and conditioning is a factor for any football team to be competitive. An up to date facility where the athletes can train surely brings the right mental attitude when the workouts start. Sub par equipment or tools often leads to poor results in any situation.

The football team has on the field coaches, but it also needs a support group off the field. That's where the Oxford Football Boosters come in. The Boosters not only take care of many of the game day situations like concessions and down marker assignments, they have fundraisers to supply the team with any items that will help bring the team to it's fullest potential. Sometimes it's as simple as team t-shirts and shorts or more involved like raising money to purchase equipment for training. Whatever the need might be the Boosters will be there to try and give the athletes the materials needed to be successful.

With the possibility of joining the Chest-Mont League in the near future, a need for the best training equipment has become an immediate concern. No one wants to see any of our athletes embarrassed on the playing field and taking the leap into an even more competitive Chest-Mont League is something that should be taken seriously for the student-athletes sake. The Football Boosters want to arm our team now with the best equipment possible so when the merger occurs we are ready and can give our best effort. Football is a very physically demanding sport; strength not only helps in the game it also makes it safer to play.

The Oxford Football Boosters will be having fundraisers to help the team reach the goals they have set. We would like to establish a firm foundation. So that when the youngsters who begin their playing career with the Golden Bears come to play high school football they will have everything they need to perform at their best. We have started a Web site to keep you up to date on team-related activities and fundraising events. Hopefully this site will be useful to the parents and players. The site is If things go well this site will be upgraded and serve the team more efficiently. If you would like to join the boosters or make a contribution call Al Martino at 610-998-1988.

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