Coatesville baseball continues undefeated, as do both track teams at this early stage of the season. The acid test for the boy's track will come this Monday, the 24, when the Raiders visit Downingtown East. The Cougars are strong in the running events but Coatesville may have the edge in the field.

The Lady Raiders will have their track showdown on May 3 when Henderson visits Coatesville. Again, the Warriors are strong on the track but Coatesville has balance throughout the lineup with an advantage in field events.

The softball team lost a tough one in extra innings to Downingtown West but will have two more chances for revenge.

The baseball team seems to have found a stopper in pitcher Ben White who has thrown two consecutive shutouts. The Raiders escaped with an extra inning win over Downingtown East marked by some very erratic fielding by the losers. Good teams take advantage and Coatesville did.


Coatesville's Matt Lapp has achieved another outstanding honor in his collegiate career. Matt has been selected as the sole representative of Tennessee University to compete for the male scholar-athlete of the year in the Southeastern Conference.

He automatically receives a $5,000 scholarship for post-graduate studies and the Conference winner receives a $10,000 award.

Matt has been elected team captian in four sports seasons during his career at Tennessee, an incredible honor: Three in cross-country and one in track. This is his last semester of eligibility in track.


Some things are hard to understand. Mike Lieberthal makes $7 million MORE than Chase Utley and David Bell makes $4.2 million more than Utley. I said makes, not earns.

Skipper Charley Manuel plays too many percentages in the lefty-righty situations. If the opposition had a right-handed batter at the plate in a clutch situation, Manuel would remove Steve Carlton and bring in Geoff Geary.


The Sixers didn't deserve the playoffs as inconsistent as they've been all year. Defense, rebounding and basic fundamentals have been lacking. Ask anyone who has ever played the game on any level about this situation: when the opposition is shooting a foul someone on your team yells. "I got the shooter!"

To allow the foul shooter to get his own rebound and score is indefensible. Yet that's exactly what happened at a critical time in the Orlando game which was a must win. It was a crushing loss.

Hunter and Dalembert are seven footers but can't get critical rebounds. Iguodala can leap out of the gym but doesn't rebound well. They should take lessons from an old pro named Paul Silas who was a great rebounder despite having a negative vertical leap. He knew positioning, boxing out and being aggressive.

Do you think there might be a reason why Chris Webber has NEVER won ANYTHING on any level? Iverson deserves better.


Some thoughts on the end of the basketball season in college and high school: the MVP of the final four was Laura Harper of Maryland. The last time I saw her play in person, she was wearing a huge cast on her left hand but still sparked Cheltenham to a win over Coatesville. The women's championship game was MUCH better basketball than the men's.

Will coaches ever learn? Washington lost to Uconn in the Sweet Sixteen when they allowed Uconn to hit a three in the final seconds and win in overtime. Even worse, Duke lost the national title to the Maryland women in exactly the same situation. YOU FOUL!

Uconn was the classic under-achievers. No way should they have lost to George Mason and a lot of the blame falls on Coach Calhoun. His erratic substitution policy had his team more worried about him than the opposition. Players can't perform when a single mistake means you're benched.

Apparently, no one in the state of Louisiana can make a jump shot or foul shot. But all the LSU players can dunk!

The best high school team I saw at Hershey was the AA champions, Prep Charter of Philly, combining talent, coaching and teamwork, and most are back next year.

Lower Merion's win over Schenley was a tribute to coaching and discipline. The gimmick defenses used by Greg Downer, box and one and triangle and two, confused the Pittsburgh team. Lower Merion ran a controlled offense, which ran valuable time off the clock. The race doesn't always go to the swift.

Finally, the Philadelphia Inquirer chose their all-area high school team. They selected three teams plus honorable mention. No Ches-Mont player made the list. Any questions?


Sports Quote of the Week: Jay Leno: "The New York Knicks are self-sacrificing. For Lent, they gave up playing basketball."

P.S. Think how deep the oceans would be if all those millions of sponges weren't growing there.

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