Coatesville Spring sports teams are off to a great start with some help from the weather. The baseball team is knocking the cover off the ball, led by West Virginia-bound Vince Belnome. If the pitching can hold up for Coach Hal Zeigler, it could be a return to dominance for the Raiders.

Both track teams are having success in dual and invitational meets, but the tough league competition is yet to come. Downingtown East and Henderson appear to be primed to unseat the Raider boys.

If pitching is 90 percent in baseball, it's about 98 in softball and the Lady Raiders are well stocked in that department with Garrison and Bivona on the mound.

Seton Hall is looking for a basketball coach after firing (overdue) Lou Orr. They should take a long look at Andy Kennedy, the interim coach this season at Cincinnati.

Andy did an excellent job in the turmoil that surrounded the program after the Bob Huggins era. However, Cincinnati had its mind made up on a new coach before Kennedy had a chance to prove himself.

Lou Orr is a very sincere, nice person. However, younger fans should ask the old timers what Leo Durocher had to say about nice guys.

I wonder if the media is prepared to remove the halo from Coach K of Duke. He is an excellent coach, but has no monopoly on coaching skills. There are many outstanding coaches who don't have the recruiting magnet of Duke to attract the top players. In college, recruiting is the name of the game.

How did these other "genius" coaches do this season? Bob Knight, Phil Jackson and Larry Brown? If you want to make potato salad, you need potatoes, no matter who the cook is.

It was an enjoyable experience to see Jake Royal compete against the Harlem Globetrotters. Coatesville fans will be happy to know that Jake hasn't lost his shooting touch and led the New York Nationals in scoring.

The Globes play about 15 minutes of serious basketball and the rest is show-time. It has to be that way, since they played four games in two days and then were off to Johnstown.

Last week when Jake called, I asked him where he was and he responded, "I don't know, somewhere in West Virginia." Any questions about the life style?

After watching the first round of the Final Four, I have to ask, "Can anyone play this game?" Florida is a good team, not great, but good. They compliment inside strength with outside shooting. You can talk defense all you want but the Gators won because they hit 12 threes to two for George Mason. That's a 30-point margin and they won by 15. Do you know what the UCLA teams of Alcindor and Walton would do to this Florida team? And both played over 30 years ago.

I thought the UCLA-LSU game would be ugly. I was wrong, it was much worse. You can play excellent defense, as LSU does, but it doesn't matter if you can't make a jump shot or foul shot.

Of course, in defense of the college game, LeBron James could be a junior at some school and Carmelo Anthony would be a senior at Syracuse. How many others are sitting on NBA benches who could be helping the college game?

Congratulations to Amber White for being chosen the Gatorade Player of the Year in Pennsylvania . The Lady Raider set the school's all-time scoring record this past season.

Was it really FIVE years ago that John Allen won the same award for the state champions?

Sports Quote of the Week: An Arizona man recently set a world record by dribbling a basketball for 26 straight hours. Jay Leno: "this breaks the previous record of 25 hours set by Kobe Bryant without passing to a teammate."

P.S. I just read a great book about helium. I couldn't put it down.

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