This is that "dead period" in high school sports. The winter athletic season is over, except for the few schools still involved in basketball playoffs. Spring sports are just beginning without much cooperation from the weather, as usual.

Congratulations are in order for the two Coatesville athletes who advanced to the state finals. Corey Blake won his first wrestling match in the 152-pound classification but was defeated in the next two matches.

Morgan Calloway finished fifth in her two events at the state swim meet, the 200 and 500 freestyle events. Swimming isn't football or basketball, you can't play defense. All you can do is your best and Morgan had her best times in both events. Someone else was faster. It happens. She will continue her career at West Virginia University.

Greenwood High School is a small class A school off Route 322 on the way to State College. The team has advanced to the Eastern final in boy's basketball for the first time ever. They meet Bishop Hanna, alma mater of Gerry McNamara.

The principal at Greenwood High is Nick Guarente, former assistant coach with the Coatesville's boys and head coach of the Coatesville girls' team.

Nick called and asked if I could send him a tape of a Coatesville playoff game so the team could get the taste of what playoff hoops are all about. I sent him Rip versus Kobe at the Palestra. It doesn't get any better than that.

Over 92 percent of major league baseball players come from the U.S., Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico or Venezuela. In the recent World Baseball Classic, the U.S. lost to Mexico and Canada. The two teams playing for the championship are Cuba and Japan. What's wrong with this picture?

As a player, Mo Cheeks was one of my all time favorites. He was the engine that drove the Sixers championship team in 83. Mo is also a quality person as he has demonstrated on many occasions. (the young girl struggling with the national anthem)

However, these things don't necessarily make you a great coach or even a good one. The team's collapses in the final minutes of recent games have to be coaching, at least in part. Some decisions involving personnel are hard to understand. When all is said and done, the Sixers are a mediocre team with mediocre talent and they're about where they belong: in the middle.

About a month ago, I mentioned that the Philly schools would make an impact on the PIAA playoffs this year, unlike last year's collapse.

At this writing Communications Tech, an offshoot of John Bartram, is in the AAA Eastern final. Prep Charter, a single A school playing up in double A, is also an Eastern finalist. Both have a realistic chance at a state championship. Single A Prep Charter beat Chester by 20. Any questions?

Lincoln lost in the Division three playoffs to Virginia Wesleyan by one point, on Wesleyan's home court. The Virginia team just won the National Championship.

March Madness: All the "experts" said the Big Ten was a great league because it was so competitive. As it turns out, it was competitive because no one was very good.

Even Tennessee players and coach knew that their two seed was a mistake. They were right. Seton Hall was its usual awful self, getting embarrassed in the first round.

Schools like Pacific, Monmouth, Albany and Winthrop almost pulled major upsets before succumbing to talent. There are excellent players and coaches that we don't get to see or hear about and some of these coaches may be moving up, soon.

If I were an NBA team and could draft either J.J. Redick of Duke or Nova's Randy Foye, I'd take Foye. Likewise, I'd pick Uconn's Rudy Gay over Adam Morrison of Gonzaga. The NBA is a different world.

While all local attention is on the Chester-Lower Merion game in quad A hoops, I'm picking the winner of Harrisburg- Schenley to win the state title.

Sports Quotes of the Week: When asked if any NFL team should take a chance on troubled running back, Ricky Williams, Michael Wilbon of ESPN replied, "Sure, Denver. Then he could be mile high."

Howard Eskin asked Glenn MacNow who he picked in the Sixers - Seattle game last week. MacNow answered, "I'll take the Sixers; for three quarters." Sad but true.

P.S. If ancient Roman doctors had IV's, would they have called them "fours"?

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