The only reason I could divine Congressman Pat Meehan (7th District-Berks and Delaware Counties) was “Standing Pat”, was so the Editorial (Kennett Paper, Feb. 23) could demean his individualistic Conservatism: “wearing a target on his back (he was very verbally against Trump candidacy) thanks to the gentleman who now in habits the White House”. Then, “with Trump now sworn in as the nations 45th president, Meehan must feel like collateral damage”. The Editorial put down Meehan as an opponent to Senator Robert Casey in 2018, implying Trump’s Presidency would squelch ‘all’ potential candidates. Really! I would think an honest candidate, that shows the courage to be independent, could roll over Casey! Take into account present Democrats, who are so demoralized their only political response is to ‘destroy the President of the United States’. How will this play, next election?

Which takes me to Dylan Furlano’s letter about Eric Roe--very complimentary. I had a similar get together with Representative Roe, being curious about such a young candidate. I found a young man, far beyond his years in knowledge and understanding about economics, finance, and politics, and ‘very’ innovative, as well. He will represent himself and his constituents well.

I can’t understand why certain individuals have Unionville School, and Superintendent John Sanville as a target for their disdain? Bruce Yelton is harping about bullying, but mostly, distraught about Sanville’s new contract, at a significant advance in salary. My impression is that people are rewarded, with such benefits, by very positive accomplishments. It’s significant that the School Board (public’s representatives) voted ‘unanimously’, supporting this action. Cool down Mr. Yelton,, otherwise, come back with better support of your objections.

Legislative note: brings me to the title of my letter today: Debt Trap. Notice that all these school districts are now to receive benefits that have been outstanding (in arrears), totaling millions of dollars. The financial resources come by a Bond issue, under the authority of the Pennsylvania Department of Education. This means the immediate availably of the money comes through the banking system (borrowing from future resources), and citizens will be taxed for the next 20? years to pay off what was initiated years ago, but payment languished well beyond completion of projects. Paying for something after it wears out?

Richard LambKennett Square

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