Of course keeping up with twin nephews, Andrew and Matthew, isn't always easy. After all, there's two of them and only one of me.

I visited the nephews last week. While at Eckerd Drugs picking up a prescription, I passed this toy - a fishing rod complete with make believe fishes to be "fished" out. It was so cute that I just had to get it. Of course, I thought of it for them since they are still at that young age they would like something like that.

When I got to their house, they had just gotten home from daycare and were watching "Cinderella." Andrew met me at the door, along with his father. Whenever the doorbell rings, the nosy tyke makes a beeline for the door to see who has come ringing.

"Cinderella... we're watching Cinderella," he tells me through the door. I couldn't understand him completely, so my brother-in-law Larry helped.

Seeing that I had a bag in my hand, he tried to sneak a peek as to what was in it. "Don't be nosy," I said.

I sat down with them in the family room. Andrew was still trying to see what I had in the bag.

"Should I wait until Debbie gets home?" I asked Larry. My sister wasn't going to be home for a few more hours, so I decided to go ahead and give the twins the toy. Especially since I suspected Andrew wasn't going to be able to wait that long to see what I had brought with me.

Andrew seemed to really like it. Matthew was too interested in watching the movie to pay much notice to the game.

I also found out that they already had a similar toy from Fisher Price.

I think younger brother Zachary was the most interested in the toy. Just having turned 1 years old, Zachary is walking now and is he getting oh so big. Though he was having separation anxiety - every time his father left the room, he would cry. Larry even told him to come along at one point. He would take a few steps, then stop and, when Larry was out of sight, look towards me and start crying.

The Cinderella movie ended around 7:20 p.m., then we watched the game show, Lingo. Though the kids wanted to see another Disney movie (the name of which I don't know how to spell). After Lingo was over, I popped it in for them.

At about that time, my sister was home and Andrew excitedly showed her the "fishes" I had gotten them.

The twins are going to be starting pre-school in the fall. Debbie and Larry are still working on potty training them. Andrew appears to be coming along, but, according to them, Matthew is being stubborn about not going to the bathroom in the toilet. Not even for a treat. Not even for a snack.

"Who put the movie in at eight o'clock?" asked my sister, who was faced with the protests from the twins when she tried to turn it off.

Guiltily, I owned up to it.

"We don't put a two-hour movie in at 8," Debbie explained. "We're usually trying to wean them down at this time."

That's why I'm the aunt and this is the point where I get to leave... :)

Jennifer Savage is Post Ledger editor.

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