The Kennett Run is right around the corner

The Kennett Run is coming soon.

During this cold winter and snowy March, most runners I know cut back on their training. But The Event of the Spring Season is now around the corner, so it is time to lace your shoes, do some stretching and get ready to run because the Kennett Run is less than 6 weeks away. For those of us with bad feet, it’s time to get ready to party because the Kennett Run Anson B. Nixon Park Social Gathering is less than six weeks away.

A friend recently asked me to what would I credit the longevity of the Kennett Run. Most local 5Ks or 10Ks seem to last a half dozen years or so then die out. The Kennett Run is approaching its 30th year. Honestly, initially I stumbled with my answer, but then settled on two points. First, the Kennett Run’s leadership group currently is and historically has been led by runners, and second, because the Run raises significant funds for many different local charities, which really need the money, the community has supported and embraced it.

The Kennett Run is runners’ race. What I mean by this is that the board wants to put on a first class race, something it and the community can be proud to host. The Kennett Run attracts top notch runners and is one of the few races that offers a combined weight lifting/running challenge (the power runs). Both its race director and board chairman are runners, as are many of the board members. That is why it is important to the Run’s leadership team that the Kennett Run be a first class event. We want

• The run’s sign-up to be straight forward and relatively inexpensive.

• It to be easy to get one’s Run bib.

• To supply a top quality racing shirt. (No wonder you’ll typically see many of those working out in the Kennett Y wearing their Run shirt.)

• Zero timing issues for the runners.

• A slightly cool early morning during the race then a warm sunny day, so both runners and their supporters can enjoy the food, beverages and comradery. (Sometimes this is difficult to guarantee.)

As to how and why we maintained great community support, this likely can be chalked up to the belief by the community and our ever growing list of generous sponsors, that we are good stewards of their funds. We do everything possible to minimize our costs in order to maximize our income. The run’s income is then donated to those local charities most in need, with ‘need’ being determined through a thorough vetting process.

Bottom line is that the Run’s leadership deeply cares about the Race and how both the proceeds from the Race and the sponsor donations are used. We believe the racing community and the greater Kennett area community recognize these efforts and that is why we’re approaching our 30th year.

BTW – We would like to thank all those who came out Wednesday evening (April 4th) to support us at the Kennett Brew House. Your tips and donations were much appreciated.

Finally remember that if you register online for the Race before May 7, you’ll receive a discount on your race fee.

Hope to see you at the Race,David Chopko is a Kennett Run board member

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