The big question is about paying the debt

David Snyder

I hope that most, if not all of my readers, were able to watch some of the 2 political conventions over the past two weeks. Both conventions provided dedicated political activists, and some great entertainment. A long list of characters from Hollywood to Washington, took their turns on the two stages.

In spite of the great speeches, and great plans put out there, we really need to hear about how our economy is going to turn around. Grand dreams and wild assertions aren't going to fix it. Putting the other side down with emotional diatribes, isn't going to help either. Where is the truth ?

Both sides seem to agree that we have to stop our runaway budget deficits, and hence our national debt. How do we do that ? One side seems to favor increasing taxes; the other plans to make deep cuts. If either side really wants to balance the budget, all plans need to be looked at. We cannot pass this debt onto our children and grandchildren. The price will be so high, to pay down the debt our children will live like paupers.

As I write this column, we are just 57 days from Nov. 6. It will certainly go fast for all of us who are involved in the election process. It is so important for the people to vote this time. We are likely to have two very different and directly opposite approaches, to returning our economy and prosperity.

As you sit and read articles and columns about the candidates, please look very hard at each ones plans to stop the runaway spending and deficit. Try to forget about what faux pas was stated by either side. Don't plan to vote because you like someone's steely blue eyes or the way he treats his family. Don't discount Democrats simply because they can't agree on their own platform, in their own stadium, constructed by their own people. Don't discount the Republicans, because they allowed a TV actor to take the stage, and give an unscreend speech. (I actually enjoyed his comedy)

This election is so very important to the continuation of our way of life. We need government to perform certain functions for our society. The Constitution limits the central (federal) government, and with good reason. Our forefathers tried so hard to make us different from Europe. They somehow saw that Europe was headed toward heavy government control, and they knew it would be used against them.

Here we have more freedom. With freedom comes more risks. Some able-bodied people will not be successful. Some able-bodied people who are good workers, will get shafted by their boss. Others will simply disregard their good education, and become irresponsible.

To make everyone pay for those who simply made bad choices or fell through the cracks somehow will pull us all down. Those with disabilities will be cared for no matter which side wins.

The biggest question is, How much government do we really need ? The second biggest question is, Can we afford more government, while we have $16 trillion in debt ?

As you ponder your choices in the weeks ahead, keep your wallet or your pocketbook at the forefront of your decision making process.

David Paul Snyder of Franklin Township is the flight training program manager for two Israeli business jets. He is a former pilot for Pan Am and is the former chairman of the Bucks County Airport Authority.

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