I commend John Kinnaird on his letter to the Avon Grove Sun objecting to proposed ordinances that would limit homeowners' rights. And he is correct: It's about power and taking away our freedoms. West Nottingham Township is not the only government body of concern; legislators at the local, state, and federal level are marching ahead with similar ordinances/policies of one kind or another that rob us (the U.S. citizen, property owner, taxpayer) of our constitutional rights. Government spending and mandates threaten our current and future freedom. A reminder to politicians at every level: We are also the voter. 2010 is coming. And a reminder to concerned citizens: Your voices need to be heard. Stand up for the Constitution and your rights; get involved. You are not alone in wanting to preserve our freedom. There are several local groups currently organizing and building membership to work toward advancing our freedoms and liberty. Local supervisors, state and federal legislators are out of control.

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