Putting residents first is certainly not what Ed Bordas and Bob Vanella are doing .

In a recent meeting, there was discussion of granting an extension of the Rose Hollow project on Rose Hill Road. The London Grove Township Supervisors were in the midst of discussing the extension when none other than Mr. Dan Orlando (the one who had the problem figuring out our school district taxes) suggests not granting the extension, because without the current approvals, it would make the property value go down, and with the devalued selling price, maybe the township could take advantage and buy it themselves.

Amazing. Amazing that Ed Bordas and Bob Vanella would actually consider the unethical, if not possibly illegal tactic suggested by their own Mr. Orlando of refusing an extension so the township could purchase it at a lower price.

On the surface, that almost looks like they're saving the residents money with a cheaper land purchase, but as always, they are so short sighted, they can't see the collateral damage they will cause.

First, they've caused a property owner to suffer and lose money due to their property being worth less from the township's extension refusal. Then there are construction jobs lost from the people who can't work on the project. Finally, another property would be taken off the tax rolls in both the township and the Avon Grove School District, making everyone else's taxes that much higher.

On top of all that, they could very well end up in court over the situation, spending township taxpayer money to defend themselves from their actions .

So who will you vote for? I am voting for Bob Hittenger and Bill Grandizio, because I know they will manage my community in a way that puts the community first and will address the tax payers with some respect...I think it is time we stand united and take back our township and say good bye to some of this board while we all still can afford to live here

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