I had a great column planned in which I was going to detail my horrific two month ordeal with DirecTV. I wrote notes, I had everything outlined and then....well then I walked outside and it was gorgeous.

It had rained and the air was cool and crisp. As I opened the door it almost seemed like I was moving into the colorful land of OZ. Everything was bright green, with splashes of colorful flowers blooming. A strikingly bright sun had suddenly appeared where there earlier had been dark, dank clouds. Continuing outside I couldn't help but feel glad to be alive. Unfortunately for my column, it was the kind of day I love - the most-my perfect day. I just didn't feel like writing about how much I hated DirecTV. I closed my booklet of notes and put it away for a day when I felt more ornery, then jumped in my car because it was time for a ride.

I had business in Adamstown that I kept putting off, but it was impossible to put the business on the back burner when the weather was so perfect. The road beckoned so I set off for Adamstown with windows down.

When the weather is like this I could care less what my hair looks like which is probably some kind of character flaw. It just seems to me like a ridiculous waste of clean, cool air not to let it brush across my face and toss my hair with it. Despite my 53 years I have been known to look like I needed a hair brush when I arrive at the end of a journey, but people can't say I'm not smiling when I get there. Somehow, the way I look never seems as important to me as enjoying God's gift to me of my perfect day.

I think just about everyone has a perfect day. It is the way you wish it could be every day. You wake up and the weather is exactly the way you would wish it to be. The area around you looks exactly the way you would like it to look. The atmosphere feels exactly the way you would like it to feel.

On this day the spring flowers were colorful and plentiful. Most people had already mowed their lawns for the first time (or more in some cases!) and many had the mulch neatly laid. The smell of my perfect day is a blend of recent rain cleared air, with a touch of flowers and some earthy mulch. Lilacs and daffodils combine to create a one of a kind scent that will only be around for a short time every spring.

This is one of my two favorite times of the year, autumn being the other one. Each time one or the other season comes up I always think "this is my most favorite," but in the end it's hard for me to pick between the two. It doesn't seem possible to me that there are areas that do not have seasonal changes as dramatic as our own and people love to live there.

I drove, did my business and drove some more. Even with the high cost of gas the "pull" was too much to resist.

So in a week or two I'll complain about DirecTV but for right now there's beautiful weather to enjoy.

Shelley Castetter lives in Bart Township. Her e-mail address is southernexposure1@yahoo.com.

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