Mr. Orlando was correct in his letter last week when he first stated how the millage rates are applied to the tax assessment value of a house.

Then he got confused and incorrectly stated that the selling price of a house equals the assessed value. This is far from true. In fact, there is often a significant difference between the tax assessment value of a house and the selling price of a house.

The selling price of the house I previously used as an example was $464,000. The assessed value of that same house is currently around $184,000. I was only using the selling price as that is the number that people generally are used to using.

As a member of the London Grove Township Comprehensive Plan Committee, the public would think that Mr. Orlando should know the difference between selling price and assessed value of a home.

Why does the township refuse to acknowledge their impact to the Avon Grove School District taxes on the surrounding community?

If readers would like to hear what's going on with their taxes and have the opportunity to speak their mind with regard to that or the township Comprehensive Plan, please attend tonight's meeting at the London Grove Township building at 7 p.m.

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