Why there isn’t a viable alternate bridge crossing created during construction? Route 52 is going to be a nightmare, since transport trucks constantly get stuck on it while turning. At a minimum, I would guess it will take 45 min to cross during rush hour. Trying to make a left turn onto Hwy 1 is going to be deadly, especially if turning from Parkersville Road. Why not construct a parallel bridge next to the one being constructed and close the other one once completed, especially since 17,000 people use this bridge daily?

Why have you chosen to effectively replicate an ineffective bridge construct, which perpetually fails to meet basic logistical standards? The current design of the new bridge is not sufficient as it does not address the nagging issue of disrupted traffic by the private train company which routinely criss-crosses the track to reconfigure its train car links. NO other jurisdiction in this country or other civilized country would be able to get away with this. This situation holds-up tax payers for 30 minutes or longer while they change train cars (meanwhile if there is an emergency someone could die at opposite end of the 926). Can your department not think of a better solution?

Is this your best option? If so, this is pretty sad as you completely fail to address serious logistical issues with the bridge. Instead we will get months of delays for a pathetically one-dimensional “solution”.

Patricia McKennaPocopson Township

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