Avon Grove celebrates homecoming with food, football and sunny skies

The Avon Grove High School Homecoming court juniors and seniors greet parade watchers preceding the homecoming football game on Saturday at the high school. From left are senior king and queen Spencer Coleman and Maddie Heckman, and junior winners Grace Mulcrone and Tyler Hopkins. --photo by Chris Barber


With regard to the Unionville-Chadds Ford School Board meeting and the votes taken with regard to Superintendent Parker's contract, I just can't sit back any longer.

I have some experience in parliamentary procedure through memberships in various local, state and national organizations. Here is an explanation from "Robert's Rules of Order, newly revised:"

When a motion is made, the chairman asks, 'is there a second?" and having the second, the chairman then asks, "is there any discussion." Discussion then occurs (both pro and con) and after a period of time, the chairman then asks for further discussion -- there being none, the chairman then states, "There being no further discussion, a motion is on the floor to (chairman repeats the motion), those in favor please say aye; those opposed please say no. The members vote accordingly.

I did not attend the meeting; however, I assume this occurred.

In reading the articles in The Kennett Paper, it is indicated that Dr. Price stated that he would make his comments at the end of the meeting. By doing so, Dr. Price gave up his opportunity or right to speak to the question/motion on the floor. His comments therefore would have no impact whatsoever on the outcome of the motion on the floor. The vote was taken and accepted by majority.

Dr. Price should have soken up and made a parliamentary inquiry so that his presentation (which was not on the agenda) could have been made prior to taking the vote to adjourn. It does not appear that the "business" of t he meeting was complete, therefore calling for the vote and closing the meeting without Dr. Price's presentation was in order.

Dr. Price should have had his presentation placed on the agenda as a separate line item.

No one on the board owes Dr. Price nor the public at large an apology. Dr. Price was not censored from making his presentation as business at hand had been completed.

In my opinion, School Board President Brown handled the meeting in proper order. It's now time to move forward and put this issue to rest.

Shelley May Mincer


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