My mother often tells me that I make things harder than they actually are and other times she doesn't understand why I do things or don't do things. An example would be my seeming refusal to use a wallet - until this weekend.

I tend to keep my spending money in the same envelope I get at the bank and either just stuff a bill into my jeans' pockets when going out or the whole envelope. That in of itself would not be too bad if I didn't also keep everything else in my jeans' pocket - credit card, license, etc.

So, when I'm out somewhere and it's time to pay the bill, the whole pile gets pulled out, then I need to sort through and find what I need. I've seen out of the corner of my eye some cashiers roll their eyes and take a deep sigh at times.

And, to be fair to my mother, she's not the only one who has said to me about using a wallet for my stuff. My friends have also, especially when we're at dinner and I pull my trusty pile out.

"Have you ever heard of a wallet?" I've been asked more than once.

My friend Kathleen even commented once that my rapidly deteriorating bank card - it's taped together - wouldn't be in that condition if I used a wallet instead of shoving it into my pockets.

I just never got into the habit of using a wallet or carrying a purse around with me. It's not that I'm too cheap to buy one, because I have purchased pocketbooks. Or I've been given pocketbooks. I probably have no shortage of them at home someplace.

I always start out with good intentions, yet when it's time to go I go sands the pocketbook. I think the reason I haven't caved in about using a purse was because I find them too cumbersome to carry around. And, I would be the one most likely to leave the purse behind over and over again.

That was until last Friday.

"I've decided I need a wallet," I said to my mother when we were out to brunch Sunday.

"What precipitated that?" my mother asked.

Well, when I was at dinner with my friend Nancy last Thursday night at the Flying Machine Cafe at the Chester County Airport, I dug out my trusty pile to pay my part of the bill, then set the pile down on the table to organize the money for the waitress - and left without it. It had my bankcard, a few dollars, and grocery coupons. I didn't realize I had left it until the next morning when I was getting ready to leave for work. Fortunately, when I went back, the manager was already there and was able to find where the waitress had stashed the pile for it to be claimed.

"Do you know how lucky you are?" said my friend Susan, who pointed out I might have needed to close that account if I hadn't gotten it back.

I do, I assured her, adding, "It certainly makes a good case for using a wallet." A wallet was promptly added to my shopping list.

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