I was the odd man... err, woman... out last week. As I was proofing another one of our papers, the Solanco Sun Ledger, I read the columns written by columnists Bill Rudick and Shelley Castetter - and they both wrote about the Academy Awards, which were aired March 5. Bill focused on how the movie "Crash" beat out "Brokeback Mountain" for best picture while the gay western love story also did not receive any acting awards. Shelley talked about the awards in general.

My column last week was about the big Powerball jackpot that was held a couple of weeks ago -- and, actually, I only wrote about that because I was hard-pressed for something to write about. I had thought about writing about the Academy Awards, otherwise known as the Oscars, but I didn't for a few reasons: 1) I figured after reading my diatribe on "General Hospital," you wouldn't want to read my diatribe on the Oscars; 2) I fell asleep mid-way through the program, waking up just in time to hear "Crash" being announced as the winner for Best Picture; and 3) I haven't seen any of the movies that were nominated, which apparently the Academy was criticized for. I suppose typically the highest-grossing movie gets nominated and that wasn't the case this year. But, as I read Bill's and Shelley's columns, I was like, "Was I supposed to write about the Oscars?" Hence, my delayed response to the awards.

Like I said, I haven't seen the movies that were nominated or any of the movies the actors were nominated for, so I can't really speak about them. Did I have my favorite actors/actresses to win? Of course I did. Topping the list was George Clooney, who did win Best Supporting Actor for "Syriana." Forget the movie, I only wanted him to win because he's been on my hottie radar ever since the show "ER" - or actually the show, "Sisters."

I think I would have chosen Michelle Williams to win Best Supporting Actress for "Brokeback Mountain" and Felicity Huffman for Best Actress for "Transamerica." I'm sorry but any woman who can pull off playing a man who wants to be a woman gets my nod, however I wasn't disappointed either that Reese Witherspoon won. She does an excellent job in eveything.

And, John Stewart didn't do too bad of a job hosting the Oscars. I liked his line about the nominees for Best Make-up one of which was the make-up crew from Russell Crow's "Cinderella Man" boxing epic. After the winner was announced, Stewart said he was glad "Cinderella Man" didn't win because "how difficult can it really be to make it look like Russell Crow's been in a fight" - a reference of course to Crow's well-publicized phone-throwing fit at a hotel.

And, then there was a female winner for one category, whose only thanks was to the Academy "for sitting me next to George Clooney at the Nominees Luncheon." The camera panned to Clooney, who had an 'okay, whatever' look to that thanks.

I do like the awards show. I like seeing the dresses and hair styles of the women. I like all the red carpet bull that takes place before hand. But, I realized something this year that I hadn't probably really paid attention to before -- there are a lot of awards shows that are held back-to-back, most notably the Oscars and the Golden Globes. They're only weeks apart from each other. It's overkill for the viewing public.

And why, oh why, is the trophy named Oscar?

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