I would like to offer some background and a brief response to Mrs. Spencers' letter in last week's paper.

First of all LGT supervisors Ed Bordas and Bob Vanella should be commended, not condemned for listening to a resident at a public meeting voicing his concerns with an issue before the board before making a final decision.

The issue being discussed was an extension on time limits for plan submission that are spelled out in township ordinances and the municipalities planning code (state law) for a small subdivision (approx 10 homes) on Rosehill Road called Rose Hollow.

The developer has defaulted on his loan and the property is now owned by Downingtown National Bank. Because this property borders land that is owned by the township municipal authority (sewer and water).

I suggested to the board to check with the municipal authority to make sure that they had no interest in purchasing the property for future use before making a decision on granting the extension.

In my opinion, by not prematurely granting an extension you would be negotiating from a position of strength with the bank and not the other way around.

To sum it up, chairman Ed Bordas and the supervisors have done nothing illegal, immoral or any other adjective that Mrs. Spencer can come up with in her desperate attempt to smear them before an election.

What they have done was listen to a residents concerns on an issue before making a decision. After all, what can be more resident friendly than that?

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