@lethed18:Many reasons to deny the park

@letbod:In a recent editorial the Avon Grove Sun chided Jenner's Pond residents for urging that Penn Township Supervisors relocate their planned regional park. Jenner's Pond should know, lectured the Sun, that the land is not "theirs to control." But the land in question is owned by the township and thus belongs to all resident taxpayers. Should not all residents express their concerns about how public lands are used and public funds are expended?

The Sun all but dismisses the "mile long" list of concerns expressed by Jenner's Pond residents because we are just "Nimbys." But the Sun should have noticed that the Penn Township Planning Commission also voted unanimously against a park of this scope at the proposed location. They cited many of the same concerns as the Jenner's Pond residents. The Sun goes on to suggest grant funding will prevent any "financial drain on residents." Surely the Sun knows that grants usually require matching funds and that even after construction, maintenance of a regional park is a burden that never ends.

The Sun did correctly point to traffic congestion as one of the largest potential issues with a regional park in the planned location. But had they probed a bit deeper, the Sun would have seen that traffic is just the tip of an iceberg of problems ahead of Penn Township should they proceed with this plan.

Skip McGrew is a Jenner's Pond Resident.

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