At the Unionville School Board public meeting on Jan. 23, the board members took the remarkable action of accepting Superintendent John Sanville’s resignation with two years remaining on his current contract. This is probably the best thing this current board has ever done.

However, right after this action, the board took what is probably the worst decision ever made to our district. The members of the board voted unanimously to give Sanville a new five-year contract with an increase in salary to $255,000 per year, a 15.4 annual increase. After six years the superintendent’s salary has nearly doubled.

If he completely serves out this new contract, he will have served roughly 10 years with an average yearly salary of $240,000. Additionally, he will have earned benefits for vacations, a sabbatical, health insurance and funds for retirement.

The board’s actgion is highly questionable, definitely unethical, and possible illegal. when an open position occurs in thedistrict, it should be advertised, those interested in filling the opening should be interviewed, and the best applicant should be offered the position. The board ignored all these steps.

Since Sanville became the U-CF superintendent in 2011, at an annual salary of $180,000, the student body has experienced extensive bullying, drunken students have entered the high school building during class time, and thre students entered the building armed with knives.

I do not recall such actions having ever occurred in the 60 years that I have been a resident of the district.

The superintendent allows some out-of-district students to attend our schools without paying any tuition or taxes, Sanville lied by claiming this was not occurring. I am aware and have also been told this illegal action is still continuing.

The superintendent and board approved a $70 million renovation and expansion of the high school. In taking this action, the public results of two district residents were completely ignored.

Annual budgets have grown every year at an average rate 1 percent greater than the educational cost of living increases. The district ‘s taxpayers have not experienced a year without a tax increase since 1998.

John Sanville has lost two excellent members from his staff. These were Sharon Allen Spann, director of pupil and staff services, and Ken Batchelor, assistant to the superintendent.

And finally, the annual ranking of schools done by U.S. News & World Report last reported our district ranked eighth in our state and 510th nationally last year. In 2012, the magazine reported that U-CF was fourth in the state and 394th in the nation. Both rankings are significantly lower since Sanville was hired.

All these dreadful results occurred under Superintendent Sanville’s time in office. The board gave nor reasons why our superintendent deserves a raise or even continued employment in our district. Our district deserves a much better performance by our superintendent.

Bruce YeltonPocopson Township

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