Editor's Note:

The following letter was addressed to Tilda Tally-ho and was received for publication.

Ms. Tally-ho:

I enjoyed your item "A Hot time," in last Thursday's Kennett Paper. It brought to mind the following.

In the early 1940s, when I was about 14 living on a farm situated on the north edge of Cheshire Hunt country, I was introduced to Mr. and Mrs. Steward by Burnett Wilson at a meet at the kennels.

They invited me to hunt with the Cheshire and the "fixture cord" started coming in the mail the very next month.

On more than one occasion, I heard Plunket Steward discussing with his friends Stanley Reeve, Andrew Van Pelt or Edgar Scott, to name a few, his plans for non-hunting days. He would say "I'm going in to town mentioning a reason or reasons. To realize he was going to Philadelphia and not just driving to West Chester.

Thought I would share this wonderful memory with you.

Richard Carlin


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