I attended a debate between Mr. Eric Roe and his opponent just before the November 2016 election. They were running for the office of State House Representative from the 158th district. At that debate Mr. Roe held up a flyer from Planned Parenthood and stated that both they and his opponent had misrepresented his position on choice even in the case of rape or incest.

And yet, once elected, he co-sponsored House Bill 77, an anti-choice bill that, if passed, would make Pennsylvania the most anti-choice state in the country. His bill would change the current 24 week limit to 20 weeks and would make no exception for rape or incest. It would also limit surgical procedures and might possibly hold doctors criminally responsible for making a “medical judgment”.

In addition, Mr. Roe denied he was a member in a group called “Action of PA” (Americans for Christian Traditions in Our Nation). He stated at numerous times during the campaign that he was not a member. However, his campaign contributed $1000 to this group in March of 2016. The ACTION of PA website states that their goal is to ...” empower Christians with information and education to ensure that men and women of character are elected to positions from the lowest level to the Governor’s mansion” …

Do men of character mislead their constituents? Do men of character impose their religious beliefs on others? Do men of character ignore the other religions in America or those that profess no religious beliefs?

Is this what we in the 158th believe?

Judy PortaLondon Britain Township

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