This letter is in reference to the column titled "Diversity in the doctor's office saves lives," published in the Sept. 19 edition.

I read five newspapers each morning, pay attention especially to Liberal Columnists, keeping my perception of how the World is working. I've been doing this since I retired 16 years ago. Evaluating 'opinions' requires an understanding of what's being opinionated. I always begin by assuming what I'm considering is not correct. The article you published is a train wreck. I know quite a bit about the medical profession, because I was a practicing physician in several dictates for 47 years.

Diversity may be important in a political sense, but doctoring requires competence. Wherever the source of physicians entering the profession, at the primary practice level, they become a participant in a Health Care Fraud. Perhaps as much as 50 percent of care is directed at physical debility that results from the overwhelmingly inappropriate nutrition that is created, prepared, and literally 'talked' down the throat of Americans.

The metabolic dysfunction produces a broad band of illness, from simple physical debility, then obesity, to Metabolic Syndrome, which is the precursor of a myriad of 'diseases', filling the Medicine Texts. The Therapy for this fiasco isn't the usual Pharmacopoeia to suppress symptoms, but a complete revision of Nutrition, and attendant processes, from agriculture to merchandising.

Back to diversity; a free market in interactions of Commerce, Education, Industry, and Social Welfare, doesn't require government to act for populations. When government is a player, it responds to the powers that can Lobby most effectively.

Health Care was pure free market when I entered in 1955, and remained so until Medicare and Medicaid in 1965. What exists today is a Miasma of Self Interest; which is most affected by politics and government.

Richard Lamb

Kennett Square

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