On behalf of my daughter, Tricia Finn, KHS Class of 2010, I would like to thank you for allowing her to conduct her Food Drive at Kennett High School this spring. I know she has sent her own thank you letters, but I'd like to add my appreciation to the school district for their help.

Allowing her to announce the food drive through posters and "KTV" along with the presence of her Food Collection boxes in the KHS lobby led to fantastic results. As you know from meeting with her earlier this spring, the Food Drive was part of her Girl Scout Gold Award project.

Besides the collection of over 300 food items, Tricia developed a trifold pamphlet highlighting the needs of the Kennett Food Cupboard and the new location/hours for donations. The pamphlet was made available (and will continue to be available) in the Bayard Taylor libray for the public to continue to participate in donating food to the Cupboard. The town library was also a collection site and the Kennett Paper provided front page publicity early in May announcing the Food Drive.

An even more important part of Tricia's project involved her presentations at numerous local community boards, service organizations and employers. Groups such as the Kennett Evening Rotary Club, Rotary Club of Central Chester County, Kennett Run Charities, Kennett YMCA employees, and the Kennett After-School Association Board welcomed her to their meetings and joined in the project. This gave Tricia the opportunity to refine her presentation skills with each meeting and the groups received pamphlets to "spread the word" about the Food Cupboard needs.

Last week, Tricia and several other KHS students brought the food to the cupboard for inventory, organization and even distribution to the needy. While they were there, a large food donation from the YMCA arrived and the students happily agreed to process all of that. This week, Tricia finished her work there with painting in the beautiful new facility and is now working on preparing the paper work to present to the Girl Scout Concil Board of Review.

Others in the KCSD family also helped Tricia by allowing food collection boxes in the Kennett Middle School and publicizing her efforts on the "Bottom of the Book Bag" emails. Parents donated food during spring concerts, KMS musical, Open House, etc.

As a member of the KHS National Honor Society, Tricia is presently looking to see if the NHS will continue with a food collection at the high school each spring. This action, along with the continued availability of her pamphlets will allow the project to continue on indefinitely.

A big thank you to all in the district who assisted with this project. Thanks for your support!

Laura Finn

Kennett Square

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