The following is former Kennett Square councilor John Thomas's last words as a borough official: This is what he said at the last council meeting:

I was born in 1948, in this town.

I've lived here longer than anyone on this council in this borough. I have seen really the good and the bad.

I did climb the mountain. I ran for council because I'm not a politician. I'm a person who cares about Kennett Square. Generations that are buried out in the cemetery are my family - on both sides of the cemetery. And my family has a rich business of being in this town.

There was a lot of good, and I learned a lot, but there was also a lot of bad.

I learned about politics and I don't like it. I didn't like it on the federal level and I don't like it here.

I think you have to work for the people. My number one goal even if you don't like it, is what's best for the people, and that's what we as a council need to do. I don't believe this council has always done that, or the council before this.

I appreciate the work because I know it's hard work. Probably nobody studies more than Jeff Darman, but we don't agree on anything.

There are other people on this council who don't read anything, but I know they care about Kennett Square.

But I walk away from here with my head held high and some people have tried to chop it off for four years.

I know I did the right thing. I just don't feel my work is done. It's ashamed, but the people spoke.

I wish and I really hope the new council - please disagree with each other, just don't get as petty as Jeff and I have.

Be fair to one another, but most of all, think about the citizens in Kennett - all over Kennett - the rich, the poor, the merchants, everybody.

And if you do that, we'll have a lot better council than we have at this present time. I wish you luck. Any time you want help, just call, and I thank the citizens for coming out.

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