I admit to being one of the dinosaur’s who gets her news from the print in my hand, and I would love to see some honest journalism uncover what must really be happening in our schools.

Michael Rock’s resignation at Unionville was sobering, tragic and obviously heart-felt; Vic Dupuis’ reaction - the double-column, 105-line diatribe your paper afforded him - was bombastic, intimidating, self-serving and totally out of proportion to Mr. Rock’s purpose, which was simply to disassociate himself from a board who refuses to extend a message of comfort and understanding to minority parents!

Dupuis’ entire “Sound and Fury Signified Nothing” except platitudes, generalizations, and excuses.

I’m sure the UCF administration and board sincerely hope this bitter attack on Mr. Rock ends the matter. But not for those of us who have spent years witnessing the district sweep its trash under the rug. As a reporter, couldn’t you find out exactly what has been done to support minority students, especially how students of all races themselves feel? Is the school paper covering this? What percentage of U-CF students are minorities? What percentage of National Merit Scholars? How many parents of any ethnicity will buy a house in this district for 30% more than its worth when minorities are not protected? To many of us “majority” whites, such attitudes and policies detract significantly from the quality of life here. And for those touting academic excellence, what would be the repercussions of declining scores without the obvious boost of minorities?

Even Tredyffrin/Easttown, that bastion of “Hear-No-Evil, See-No-Evil, Speak-No-Evil, sent home a letter! One thing is for sure, no minority parent in his right mind would attempt to bring a complaint to Dupuis. I applaud Mr. Rock’s refusal to give him any names. It is more than obvious who the real bullies are here.

Aren’t your reporter’s instincts just buzzing?

Cindy WareKennett Square

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