It is important for an elected official to have morals, honor, integrity and leadership skills, but shouldn't this go without saying? We realize how busy the average voter is, so we have made sure that our written materials get right to what is important - where we stand on the issues.

In London Grove, all five current supervisors, Republicans and Democrats alike, including Ed Bordas and Bob Vanella, campaigned promising to:

n Block sprawl-inducing sewer and water infrastructure from creeping into our agricultural zone in London Grove North (North of Route 1)

n Fight irresponsible composting (open air rows of compost) while supporting responsible practices (at least partial enclosure with aeration to reduce gaseous emissions)

n Block two elevated 6 to 8 lane bypasses from tearing through existing homes and farmland in London Grove

n Bring in good commercial development, as we've done with Acme and Lowes, while exacting impact fees to help fund our new 140 acre park

If you agree with me that our Board should stay united on the above issues, than join me in voting for Ed Bordas and Bob Vanella. To see what our fight has been about, go to and search "London Grove's Choice." Also, go to to learn more or to contact us to volunteer in these last few days before Election Day - Tuesday, Nov 3.

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