Well, here we are and another campaign season is upon us. It is already apparent that there are some folks in Representative District 13 quite willing to vote against their own best interest for the sake of a letter in the alphabet.

In a mere 16 months in office Rep. Tom Houghton has managed to achieve more for the residents of his district than his predecessor did in any 16 years of his lengthy career in office. But of course considering his party affiliation doing nothing is a badge to be worn with honor.

Tom has introduced legislation to eliminate school property taxes on primary residences. Along with that, Tom fought to increase the share of funding for Avon Grove and Oxford School districts. This alone has kept the pressure off of school boards to consider raising taxes. Representative Houghton also worked hard to eliminate taxes on helicopter parts helping to create the potential for 300 new jobs at Keystone Helicopter.

Houghton introduced legislation to strengthen a municipality's application of its comprehensive plan and his bill permitting reimbursement requests for funds from developers for conditional use hearings awaits a vote in the Senate. These two pieces of legislation transfer some of the control of development back to the townships and away from the developers.

In addition, a student at one of our community colleges can now transfer up to 60 credits to a full state university. The previous maximum was 30 credits. The additional 30 credits can save a family a year's worth of tuition.

This by no means is a full list of Representative Houghton's achievements. Yet, why do I see signs promoting the candidacy of his potential opponents. Like I said, sometimes it just makes me wonder.

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