E. Marlborough solicitors may be a scam

Editor: At the Shoppes of Longwood this past weekend, there was a group collecting money at the traffic light. I have seen the same group of people there on prior occasions.

I asked one of the men what organization he was with and the purpose for the funds they were collecting. I believe that he said that he was with 'New Christian Ministries' and they were collecting money to help the homeless. I responded that I would check them out online and send a check if I thought it appropriate.

In response, he said that they were a 'travelling ministry' so there was no way to mail them a donation (and, of course, no way to verify who they are or what they do).

I unsuccessfully tried to locate information about them online. I then checked with the property manager for the Shoppes at Longwood who told me that they do not know who the group is, and that the group is asked to move on whenever they show up there.

A suggestion - before you hand money to someone at a traffic light for some unknown group or cause, ask a few questions about how you can mail a donation to them. If they can't answer or the answer doesn't sound right, politely decline.

Bruce Jameson East Marlborough

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