Brian and Cheri Miller of Kennett Square have done something absolutely wonderful for our community and we all should applaud them for it. Following their tragic loss of daughter Abby to an automobile accident, they created the Abby Miller Foundation in her memory and have donated three driving simulators to Unionville High School so that no other families should endure pain like they have.

These simulators will provide our teenagers with an opportunity to improve their driving skills without putting other community members at risk. When these new drivers take to the roads, they will have had practice at driving defensively and at learning to avoid common driving hazards that can rattle the inexperienced driver.

We salute the Millers for their tireless efforts to improve driver safety for our children. We commend the UHS administration for accepting the simulator donation from the Abby Miller Foundation. And we encourage the adoption of driver's education by all high schools as a formal part of the in-school curriculum. Very little of what we teach our children in school is as critical.

Jeff and Dolores Leiser

Birmingham Township

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