I'll agree with Mr. Spencer that scientific evidence is a good thing. Without it we cannot know with certainty the health effects of the air pollution from the NutraSoils and HyTech composting operations.

Industrial composting now occurs on a scale where the emissions impact the lives of an entire community. What angers me is that this situation is avoidable. Others in the same industry use modern technology to control emissions and protect their neighbors. To act otherwise is irresponsible.

I vehemently disagree with Mr. Spencer that new residents must wait before they are vested with a right to a healthy environment in London Grove Township. Yes, I'll admit I am scared. I'm very scared of those who state "We were here first" as though that makes it okay to dismiss the concerns of others.

Mr. Spencer has no empathy for the suffering these businesses cause those among us who have adopted London Grove Township as home. It is attitudes like his that make it so important to elect Ed Bordas and Bob Vanella as supervisors in London Grove Township. Tom Houghton is working in Harrisburg to support a healthy environment. Voters in London Grove Township need to do our part in the local elections. Our quality of life depends upon it.

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