To the voters of West Grove, I say "Thank You." Thanks for supporting me through my decade of service to the borough, for voting for me in my two prior terms and for providing me with the opportunity to grow as a citizen. Thanks for letting me know your thoughts on where we should be going and how we should get there and for coming out to meetings and voicing your opinions. Our country needs more of that to get through these difficult times.

I'm proud I was part of the planning process for the borough's revitalization plan and of my work with the borough manager and council on the budgeting process, which has kept the borough's taxes reasonable. And most of all, I'm proud of the work I did to move the council to review our financial position. As a result of my recommendations, Council moved a property that was costing us money to maintain, and turned it into a development that raised over $2 milion for the borough. Subsequently, we were able to use these funds as our match to receive the county's grant money. Now, we are well on our way to revitalizing the borough and improving our infrastructure.

I have two regrets.

The first is that we were unable to secure the property necessary to solve our community's parking problem. I hope that Council continues to pursue a real solution to the parking problem.

The other regret has to do with the occasions I had the misfortune of seeing the not so good side of human nature in the borough. When folks came out to express their opinions on issues and talked disparagingly about Hispanics or African Americans, (usually in a roundabout way), I did not speak out, as I thought I should stay reserved and impartial. I was wrong. If these folks could speak lies and innuendo, I should have combated it with the truth. I look forward to the day we can finally get past this.

Finally, I wanted to thank the other members of Council I had the pleasure of serving with over the years, especially Richard Turkington. Stay grounded and continue to work well with each other, regardless of party. Thanks to the employees of the borough. We are fortunate to have a fine police force and an excellent public works crew. And thanks to Sharon Nesbitt, our very capable borough manager for taking the time to listen to all my ideas.

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