Supporters of a football program at Octorara hit pay dirt earlier this month when the school board approved a contract allowing them to form a middle school and JV team. It's an approval that is definitely hard won - they've succeeded where others had failed.

But, while the football club should be lauded for its efforts, the three-year deal calls for them to completely fund the program. That stipulation was how the approval came about, and club President Paul Solomon has said that funding has been secured for the first year.

What happens after the three years is certainly too soon for conjecture, but it stands to reason they will be ready to expand beyond that, with more money likely being needed and a place for them to play. Will the board step up to the plate? Board President Duane Hershey has said he doesn't want his taxes going up either and noted that most of the current members would still be on the board three years from now.

Prior to approval, board Member Brian Norris had said the approval needed to be an all or nothing thing - we agree.

Even dissenter board Member Bob Hume said if they were going to do this, the board had to get behind the program.

We hope the board is not dangling the proverbial carrot in front of the horse just to snatch it away three years from now and are committed to seeing how the program unfolds over the next couple of years.

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