Dan Orlando

In my final reply to the salvos coming from Gary Moore writing from his house upon the hill in Franklin Township, I would like to ask the voters of London Grove Township to decide whose vision of the future you wish to see happen.

Gary would be perfectly happy to see two composting operations (upper and lower) continue on the Nutra-Soils property on Old Baltimore Pike because he says that building a combination of age-restricted housing and commercial development on that site somehow negatively affects the Avon Grove school district.

Try as I might, I can't figure out how. I know that I'll never be as smart as Gary, but when I go to the polls in November I plan on following my firmly held belief that a stench-free borough of West Grove and London Grove Township would be better places to live and do business. I believe it will help West Grove in their ongoing excellent efforts to revitalize the downtown area. I think the vacant row of stores next to the Nutra Soils says it all.

I plan on supporting Ed Bordas and Bob Vanella for London Grove Township supervisor so they can continue their long hard fought battle to try and make this dream a reality.

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