A tangled mess detangled by local jeweler

Have you ever tried to undo a complicated mess?

This is for anyone who has ever tried to untangle a necklace – a fine chain necklace that is so tangled that the chain is in knots and is wrapped several times around itself. Now imaging a necklace that is so delicate that you can hardly feel the weight of the chain, and then there is the pendant. The necklace in question is even more complicated with not one but four small ruby beads that dangle individually at the neck.

I found this necklace a few years ago on sale at TJ Maxx and for some reason had to have it. I had worked with a jeweler who explained to me that this type of ruby was a “root of a ruby” stone and I adored the unique color of pink that was. I bought it and think only wore it one time.

After I had stored the necklace in a container that I thought would be a safe home for it when not in use, I forgot that it was there. I went back to the container to find that the necklace had become twisted, tangled, and knotted to a point of no return. I used toothpicks, needles, and a magnifying glass but was unable to unravel the strands. The intricate chain had become wound tightly into a knotted and very complicated mess. I tried and tried and then I gave up. I put it back into the container and decided I would wait until someone with skill came along.

I waited for this person of skill to come along – and they didn’t. It was way over a year before I even looked at the necklace again. When I finally came back to it, I realized that I needed a professional.

I went to Bove. Bove Jewelers had just reopened under the management of Bob Strehlau and they were in celebration mode when I took my tangled mess to them. Bob took a quick look and told me he had a professional “detangler” on staff! He said this with such a serious face – that I took it as a common fact that Jewelry stores just had these people who were good and detangling things.

A month went by and I stopped in to learn that my necklace was so complex that no one had been able to detangle it. I kind of knew it was beyond repair. It looked like this!

I collected my necklace and Clare Janton came over to say hello. Clare had not yet seen my necklace; there was a little flicker in her eye when I told her about the challenge. “Let me take a look!”

I showed the tangled mess to Clare and she asked me to let her have a try - so I left it with her. Clare called me within 2 days and said I could pick up the necklace – she had fixed it for me! When I arrived to pick it up – Clare explained that it took her 20 minutes of pure determination to unravel the chain!

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