The beginning of a New Year is often regarded as a time for people to wipe the slate clean and start afresh, whether it's with those diehard resolutions of losing weight, exercising, showing financial constraint, etc.

It's also can be a time of declaring, "out with the old, in with the new." That seems to be very evident as local government bodies start its new year this week - many of them with new faces on the boards of supervisors and/or councils.

From the City of Coatesville - which saw several incumbents lose re-election in the wake of the Saha farm/golf course debacle - to Caln Township - which had two long-time members resign, new faces are popping up every where. And, it's a golden opportunity for these newcomers to help their respective towns wipe the slate clean and start anew.

The City of Coatesville, especially, is in need of a fresh start. The City Council, which will have several new faces, shouldn't dwell on the doings of the past council and manager. It's way to easy to fall into that trap. Finger pointing isn't what's needed now. What's done is done; it can't be unchanged. All the council can do now is start fresh.

And, despite its seemingly steep financial woes and the withdraw of developer T.R. White for the renovation of the Mittal Steel site, the city has a lot to look forward to with all the other development projects that are in the works. We hope they can work together as a team, and with the city's administration, to see them to fruition. A new dawn is rising in Coatesville and they need to seize it while they can.

Downingtown, also, will have some new faces - and, after a bitter contest, a new mayor. We hope the borough Council, which often seemed divided on various issues, and new Mayor Heather Bruno, can let bygones be bygones and work together for the betterment of the town. Downingtown is known as the "Good Neighbor" community - that should start in the council room.

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