For the last decade, the YMCA has held Healthy Kids Day simultaneously across the country at every YMCA location in the United States. The focus of the day is to let children know to be healthy and the importance of starting at an early age.

"Basically the focus is on families and living healthy lifestyles," said Carol Boerlin, Senior Program Director. "Starting early is important. Children should learn at ab early age to exercise."

The event is open to the entire community. There will be a health fair with 25 vendors coming, including eye doctors doing vision screenings. From 10-11 a.m. there will be a fun family race where parents and children can walk the outdoor track.

Aside from the usual sports that are used for exercise such as soccer, baseball, basketball, or football, there will be classes offering a different type of exercise.

"It's nice because we have some demonstrations," Boerlin said. "There will be hip hop dance classes. This will show kids there are different avenues for exercise outside of sports."

The number of people attending over the years has varied, but according to Boerlin, there have been close to 800 people coming through in a single day. Also, many of the vendors give away free materials, which are incorporated into a challenge to kids.

"The first 250 children to complete the Healthy Kids Day Challenge get Healthy Kids Day t-shirts," Boerlin said. "They have to complete three things that are physical activities and four or five are talking to vendors."

The Healthy Kids Day is geared toward pre-school aged children as well as school aged children.

"We are going to encourage families to sign up for Activate Chester County," said Boerlin. "Starting to be active at an early age is really important."

Activate Chester County is a program that was started over a year ago and the goal is to decrease the number of obese children in the county by challenging them to become active.

As part of the program, schools, parents, and the YMCA have joined together to attempt to lower the obesity rates in children.

Aside from the challenge and the health fair, Healthy Kids Day will feature kids games, preschool gymnastics, nutritional bingo and obstacle course, giveaways, program demos, kids crafts, and healthy snacks.

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