Caln Township Manager Greg Prowant announced township residents will need to reserve township staff for the annual wood chipping program by Oct. 6. The wood chipping program allows the township to recycle larger branches and twigs that has fallen from storms. Residents and their neighbors can collect wood throughout the year on portions of their property and can call the township to reserve a date. Township Road staff will come out into the neighborhood and residents can bring this woodpile curbside to be chipped.

This program began last year and was proved to be a success. The township will be making these neighborhood calls between Sept. 13 and Nov. 8. Prowant said approximately 140 properties are already on board with the program. Residents have made 27 reservations for the township service.

The township will use these wood chips throughout the municipal properties during the spring. Residents can also get these wood chips for their gardens for free when they are available. However, they will need a way to transport the chips back to their home.

The state department of Environmental Protection, through a grant, encouraged this program by aiding the township's purchase of the wood chipper and the township leaf vacuum truck. This program encourages recycling in its most basic form. The state's program wants these materials taken out of the waste stream.

The fall leaf collection will take place between Friday, Oct. 30 and the week of Dec. 4. The township will be collecting leafs in township bags on Friday, Oct. 30, Saturday, Nov. 11 and Nov. 18 and Dec. 2. Residents will need to call the township to purchase the special leaf bags.

The township will go from neighborhood to neighborhood with the leaf vacuum truck. This truck has a rear attachment that will suck up leaves that have been collected curbside. This crew will start on eastern end of the township on the weeks of Nov. 6 and Nov. 20. This same crew will work on the western portion of the township on the weeks of Nov. 13 and Nov. 27.

Residents during those weeks will need to park their cars in areas that will not hamper the township staff from working curbside. If any resident has any questions on either program they can contact township staff at (610)-384-0600.

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