West Grove couple buys Hank’s Place

Chris Barber Digital First MediaAnthony Young and his wife, Katie, of West Grove have bought Hank's Place in Chadds Ford.

CHADDS FORD >> In years passed, Anthony Young would stop in at Hank’s Place for lunch so often that he became known as “Turkey Club Guy.”

A chef, he became quite fond of the place, chatting often with a man eating in the corner named Andy.

It wasn’t until his wife, Katie — an artist — joined him one day and asked, “Do you know who Andy is? He’s Andrew Wyeth.”

The years went by, and he kept his love for the popular eatery.

Then last week, Anthony and Katie signed the papers and became the new owners of Hanks, succeeding Peter and Voula Skiadas, who have been the there since 1991.

On Saturday Anthony, 45, of West Grove was overseeing the operation as customers came in, ate and departed – bellies full and appetites satisfied. It is something he has desired for awhile.

“I’ve been badgering Peter to buy the place for a long time,” he said.

He added he’s not there to make any changes. In fact, Peter will be making frequent visits to help him ease into the job.

“We’re not changing anything. We’re even keeping the flowers outside,” he said.

As far as the menu is concerned, Anthony is pleased with the Greek theme just the way it is.

“We went to Greece on our second honeymoon, and our dog has a Greek name,” he said.

In that regard, the moussaka, gyros and baklava are likely to be around for a long time, as will the strong emphasis on home cooking.

Anthony Young grew up in West Chester and attended East High School. He has worked at the Dilworthtown Inn, Pace One and Iron Hill in West Chester. He is a self-taught chef. He and Katie met while they were both employed at Pace One.

He said he loves the food and the ambience of Hank’s.

“When you order a turkey dinner, it’s fresh like the one you get at home on thanksgiving,” he said.

He likes the clientele as well.

“Everyone here is nice. I haven’t met anyone who isn’t nice,” he said.

He also mentioned that the building is in good shape and the staff, including the chef, is excellent.

“One time I went back to the kitchen when Voula asked be to help her decide what kind of new tiles to buy. I looked around and saw it was spotless. Even now, they’re cleaning in the kitchen,” he said.

Hank’s sits at the corner of Route 1 and Creek Road. It is a popular diner, and is especially known for its home cooking and weekend breakfasts.

It’s history goes back to the 1950s (or beyond) and has historically been a popular eatery for the Wyeth family.

The walls are heavily adorned with art from the Wyeth family and other local artists.

Hanks is opened seven days a week and opens its doors at 6 a.m. except on Sunday, when it opens at 7 p.m.

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