While on vacation in Canada, Jerome Rhodes received a phone call from his housekeeper, there had been a crash at his house in Kennett Square.Rhodes came home on June 29 and found a car had struck the retaining wall on the north side of his home facing Union Street.

While still in the process of getting a contractor to give him an estimate to repair the damage, he believes it will be extensive structural damage. In addition replacing the high quality older stonework will be hard to do.

Rhodes says he has not spoken to the driver but has been in contact with the insurance company about financing the repairs.

The accident does not surprise Rhodes though. He says about a year ago a car struck a neighbor's wall and not long ago a telephone pole was struck as well. He says there is a speeding problem on Union Street as people enter and leave town and he thinks something needs to be done.

"The borough and maybe the state need to take action," Rhodes said, "or there is going to be a serious accident there." Rhodes believes it is only a matter of time until a pedestrian is struck or someone is killed in a serious accident caused by the excessive speed.

The name and condition of the driver who struck Rhodes' wall has not been released.

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