I urge all registered voters in the UCF School District to vote no on the school board's April 22 referendum requesting approval to issue $30 million of debt. These funds, along with $32.5 million of debt funded from the annual operating budget would be used to fund the exact same high school project that was rejected last November by a 33 to 2 margin.The board's proposal will provide facilities for 1, 600 students even though the administration predicts there will be more than 1, 650 high school students in just nine years. The administration has also stated that it will be very difficult to institute new educational programs and opportunities for any of our students while we use annual operating funds to pay for capital projects.

And finally, the board has failed to seriously evaluate other options that could provide similar or even better facilities for our students at costs that could be up to 25 percent less than their $62.5 million pipe dream.

Send the board an even stronger message than last November. Go to the polls in even larger numbers and vote no.

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