Football Well, that didn't take long. Any hopes Patriots fans had for their team going unbeaten were shredded like Tom Brady's ACL. Sure, they'll still probably win the craptastic AFC East, but that's about it. On to the rest of the AFC.AFC South

1. The Indianapolis Mannings. Yeah, I know they looked like dog poop against the Bears. I also know that Peyton and company are better than any other team in this division including

2. The Jag-you-ars. Every year the experts predict that this will be the year that Jacksonville will live up to expectations and do great things. Every year, the experts are wrong, including this one.

3. The Tennessee Titans. Yeah, they're the only team from this division that won this week. But when your quarterback leaves the game never to come back after throwing a pick, you probably have some issues.

4. The Houston Texans. Sure they might have been proven right to go with Mario Williams over RB Reggie "the Receiver" Bush or Vince "The Pouter" Young. But they still aren't going to win many games.

AFC West

1. The San Diego Chargers. That LaDanian Tomlinson guy is pretty good. So is the rest of the team, no matter the fluky loss this past week. They and the Steelers are now officially deemed "The Class of the AFC".

2. The Oakland Raiders. The Autumn Wind has recently filed for an injunction for NFL Films to stop saying that he is a Raider. He'd prefer to be associated with a good team not owned by the Crypt Keeper.

3. The Seattle Sea-hawks. Hard to believe it's only been a couple years since this was a Super Bowl team, isn't it.

4. The Kansas City Chiefs. Must be hard to live in a city where your pro sports teams are both the laughing stocks of their respective leagues.

Next Week: We start the NFC. Hopefully I'll finish previewing the whole NFL sometime before the wild card round.

Cross Country

The Octorara Cross Country Team is hosting the 3rd annual 1-Mile Rookie Race this Saturday, Sept. 13 at 9:30 a.m. Please pick up a flyer outside the Middle School office for more details. The top three male and female finishers will receive medals.

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