Students in the Union ville Chadds Ford School District are ahead of the curb on the way to 100 percent proficiency in the Adequate Yearly Progress tests.That was the news presented to the U-CF school board at the Sept. 15 business meeting in a yearly achievement report given by the administration.

Assistant Superintendent Ken Batchelor explained that the yearly tests are only a snapshot of achievement, in accordance with the state's PSSA standards.

According to the official "No Child Left Behind" projections, in the 2008-10 school years 63 percent of students should be in the "proficient" range for reading and 56 percent for mathematics.

Unionville students are ahead of these projections, with 92.8 percent and 93.3 percent respectively.

Students are expected to be at 100 percent proficiency by 2014, according to NCLB projections.

"We're still aware that we have to shoot for that 100 percent proficiency by 2014," Batchelor said. "Each year, we're doing things to focus on those students who aren't reaching proficiency. And with the students who are proficient, how can we help them get to 'advanced?'"

Batchelor also reported that all of the schools in the district have made the AYP list, including Unionville High School, which was placed on the watch list last year.

The district also ranked above state and national average SAT scores. In critical reading, students were 76 points above the state average and 68 above the national with 570. In math, Unionville students scored an average of 585, 84 points above the state and 70 above the national averages. And in writing, Unionville scored a 561 versus the 483 state and 494 national averages.

In total, SAT scores in Unionville were well above the state average of 1478 and the national average at 1511, with the average score at UHS a solid 1716.

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