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The inaugural meeting at Turner's Mill, Chadds Ford Township's new town hall, was the venue for the appointment of a new township engineer and the anticipated approval of a land use project.

Township supervisors announced the retention of Pennoni Associates Inc. as the primary engineer for Chadds Ford. Joseph Mastronardo will serve as the primary consultant.

Pennoni replaces Kelly Associates who will still serve the township as an alternate engineering firm.

Supervisors' Vice Chairman George Thorpe said Pennoni will serve the township's needs.

Supervisors' Chairman Deborah Love D'Elia previously said that the township needed a full service engineer and that there were some types of work, such as traffic engineering, that Kelly could not do.

As part of the special meeting, held Friday, Jan. 20 at 2 p.m., supervisors approved the plans for the Endo III building, a project they had been reviewing during several previous meetings.

Endo III is a project by The Henderson Group for its tenant, Endo Pharmaceuticals. It would be a third building for the company located off Brandywine Drive near the movie theater in Painters Crossing Shopping Center.

Supervisors approved the plan after several modifications that reduced the amount of a requested waiver from a 50-foot riparian buffer requirement.

The township adopted a stormwater management ordinance last year requiring such a buffer. Henderson's plans showed much less of buffer - about half of the requirement -- but there was other stormatwer management engineering that exceeded township requirements.

According to Donald Petrosa, attorney for Henderson, the irregular and narrow shape of the building lots prevents compliance with the letter of the law but almost 86 percent of the requirement is now met with an average buffer of 43 feet. The last plan showed a buffer ranging from 13 feet to 44 feet.

The new buffer was achieved by reducing the number of parking spaces and narrowing the width of a drive aisle from 24 feet to 18 feet. Henderson will need to get zoning variances for those changes.

The 48,600 square foot building would normally require 195 spaces.

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