I am in love! Yes, it's true. I'm in love...with my bedroom. Since Saturday, I've been giddy, excited, and wanting to tell anybody and everybody about this great, newfound love.I know that it sounds crazy or odd, but look who you're dealing with after all. But you also have to know the story behind this declaration.

I've lived in my apartment in Parkesburg since the middle of 1999. It's a great place, with the setup almost being like a house. But for awhile now, I've kind of gotten out of regularly sleeping in my bedroom. While this has primarily been because I often fall asleep watching television in the living room, I also like the noise of the television during the night as it doesn't make me feel so alone. It's one of the pitfalls of being single. You're probably thinking that I should get a cat or a dog, and believe me a lot of my friends have suggested that through the years, but I haven't wanted that extra responsibility.

Then one day, as I was getting dressed for work (yes, in my bedroom) and sitting on the bed, I was looking around, wondering to myself, 'Why don't I sleep in here more often?' Then it hit me - I actually didn't like the bedroom. The whole apartment is painted a neutral cream color. It just seemed so bland; it had no color or life to it. So that day I emailed my landlady: "Would I be allowed to paint the bedroom?" I said that since I had no plans for moving any time soon, I wanted to make the bedroom more reflective of my personality. After all, who doesn't?

She responded positively and I couldn't wait as I already knew the color I wanted - purple, my favorite! I decided on a "Carolina Plum" shade; it's not a light shade, but it's not too dark either. Besides, my bedroom (actually my whole house) gets a lot of sunlight or daylight, so it being a medium colored shade is good.

Well, last Saturday was painting day! The painter that works for the owners was doing the job, though I initially thought that I would. But it worked out great that they did it. I left in the afternoon to baby sit my twin nephews while they were still painting and they said it should be done by the time I got home that evening.

Well, when I turned onto Route 10 to come home, all of a sudden, I got butterflies in my stomach. I thought, "Oh, god, what if I don't like it?" When I moved back into my parents' house after college, my mother and I got a new carpet for my bedroom - a plush purple one, not her choice of course. "If you want to get the purple one, we'll get it," she relented. I, unfortunately, couldn't take it with me when I moved out, but I never had purple walls. (The bedroom walls were paneled.) It would be really bad if I didn't like it especially since the owners were generous enough to buy the paint and have the work done.

Walking into the apartment, I was so nervous - I was afraid to even walk into the bedroom and actually closed my eyes as I did so. But my fears proved unfounded. It looks totally awesome! I almost can't believe how great it looks and I'm very, very excited. I almost couldn't tell you how excited I am.

I immediately called friends Theresa and Susan and later that night, my mother.

I kept walking back into the bedroom, standing in the center, just taking it all in. It's done with white trim, so it really makes it stand out. At one point I sat on my bed and said out loud, "I never want to leave this room." (Pause.) "But right now I am because the odor from the paint is a little strong."

Saying 'I'm in love' might be a little strong, but at the very least I'm tickled pink, er, purple.

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